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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

There is a difference between being by yourself and being alone. There is a difference between the time of awareness when you can take a closer look at your body, emotions, thoughts, when you are "here and now" and when you feel alone.

We may feel lonely from time to time. Like all other emotions, the feeling of loneliness is very natural.

In some periods we may feel a little more lonely. For example, if most of our living spaces have changed, if our "familiar" habits and relationships that made us feel safe are far away. For example, if we have emigrated...

Yes, migration is a long subject. I just want to touch upon the feeling of "loneliness" of people who migrate.

What kind of loneliness is this?" I think, I listen, I read. In addition to the lack of familiarity, longing for loved ones, habits, and many other issues, there is a "longing to be understood".

To be understood...

It is one of our needs that helps us to feel ourselves to exist, to communicate, to connect, to be social and to be in a relationship. As human beings, I would like to express our need to be understood so sincerely. Slightly warm, a little fragile, a little colourful, like a ... (you tell me what it is) that we carry carefully in our hands.

Close your eyes, where do you feel your need to be understood, what does it look like?

Embrace it with compassion. It is a very beautiful part of you🧡

Self-compassion is like a big sincere hug with respect and love for our being...

All my best🌸

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