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Autumn is actually a beautiful season!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

I realised that I have been thinking "autumn is actually a beautiful season" for a while. My favourite season is spring, where did this change come from? Is autumn my new favourite season?

I think it's both now...

Another branch of migration is "change".

To change, to be able to change, to develop, is our most vital aspect as human beings. It is also one of the most important aspects that contributes to our adaptation. When we migrate, it is possible to show compassion to ourselves by making room for new habits, new relationship experiences, even a new language, giving space to our changing favourites.

When we realise some of our changing aspects and habits, we may feel that we are not the "old me" and experience a sense of loss. It's very humanising.

Yes, we also have habits that make us feel safe. Let them be, they are our "resources" (we can call them traits that help our coping skills in general).

It is possible to allow space for a compassionate meeting of our old and new favourite, the "old and new me".

We are a whole with all the aspects that make us who we are, that change and remain the same.

Let me leave you with the favourite quote of my dear teachers during my undergraduate years;

Every human being is unique and unique🌸

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